The best Jeopardy PowerPoint template

Download this incredibly fun and easy PowerPoint template to set up Jeopardy for use in any group setting including (but not limited to!) classrooms, fundraising events, parties, Bible & religious studies, game nights, and more!

No Coding or Programming

Templates are already built for you, so it's easy for you to get started without any coding knowledge!


You can change it into your company's colors, holiday theme, or students' favorite subject. Make it yours!


Video tutorial sent with the template for those not familiar with PowerPoint or those interested in extra customization!

Quick & Easy w/ PowerPoint

Since the template is already built, all you have to do is enter your answers and questions!

Happy Audience

Your audience or classroom will be really happy you chose Jeopardy instead of a boring quiz! And they'll have a lot of fun, too!


As long as PowerPoint sticks around, these templates will work version to version!

What is Jeopardy?

An amazingly fun game that captures your audience’s attention through the popular “answer and question” format.

Why PowerPoint?

Jeopardy on PowerPoint is the solution you’ve been looking for! Turn the most popular presentation program on earth into a fun-filled game that works on any device with PowerPoint!


Full screen Jeopardy image

Why this template?

Check out what separates this template from the others, and what makes this the best (and easiest) Jeopardy PowerPoint template there is!
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

No Coding or Programming Needed

All you have to do is enter your "answers" or questions into the slide and you're ready to go!

Visually Appealing

Visually Appealing

Looks Professional

This template is simple, professional, and easy on the eyes.

Dynamic Gameboard

Dynamic Gameboard

Stay on Track

The game board is dynamic. Boxes disappear after they're selected so you and the audience can follow along easily.

Video Tutorial(s)

Video Tutorial(s)

Instant Support on Purchase

Unlike other templates, you won't left to hang dry. Template(s) come with video tutorial(s) to help you get started.



Use for any occasion

Use the templates for different events: fundraising, parties, training, classrooms, baby showers and more!

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Carry it anywhere

Since it's a PowerPoint template, play it from your Windows PC, MacBook, or iPad. If it can run PowerPoint, it works!

Works Offline

Works Offline

No Internet Required

Some Jeopardy games require Internet to run. PowerPoint runs completely offline.



Use text, images, audio, & more

Like the real Jeopardy, your "answers" can be text, an image of your product, or a speech from a civil rights activist.

Get started!

Your first game can be up and running within the hour with any package! The templates are yours to keep forever and works with any version of PowerPoint (2010 and higher).



  • Fully Customizable 6x5 Template
  • Tutorial Video Included


  • Scored Jeopardy Template
  • Multiple Sizes Included
  • Host Card Template
  • Planner Template
  • Final Jeopardy Included
  • Daily Double Tutorial
Give me everything

Premium Features

A little extra goes a long way!
Scored Jeopardy

Scored Jeopardy

No more pen and paper

Free yourself up to become the Alex on the TV. Put the pen, paper, or marker down and keep score directly on the game board. Fully customizable.

Daily Double

Daily Double

How much to bet?

Make your games even more interesting by learning to place Daily Doubles in places of your choice. Video tutorial included. Fully customizable.

Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

Put it all on the line!

End it with the world-famous Jeopardy thinking music and have your participants place it all on the line! Video tutorial included. Fully customizable.

Host Card

Host Card

Be Alex

Hold the answers in your hand! With a host card, anyone can be the host. Be the creator and let someone else run the show.

Electronic Planner

Electronic Planner

Plan out your success

With the Excel planner, you can easily map out, share, and collaborate on upcoming events!

Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

Save time

Whether you want a standard 6x5 game or fast 3x3 game in the middle of your presentation, having more options is certainly better!


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